Accident Reconstruction

Professional Solutions For Your Accident Reconstruction Cases

Lewis J. Pytel  ~ 30+ Years of Unmatched Expertise


Located in West Central Florida just north of Tampa, and only minutes from major interstates, I offer my clients convenient access to the entire state of Florida as well as destinations north.

From complete accident reconstruction to a basic damage analysis, I can personally direct my expertise to suit your needs.

As a sole practitioner, I believe accessibility is vital. You can speak to me – not a receptionist or a secretary – about your new or ongoing case.

For 30+ years I have provided professional, accessible, and affordable accident reconstruction services to my clients. I pride myself in having maintained my own independent business for my three decades of practice.

My extensive experience enables me to provide my clients with a perspective that others simply cannot match.

My Specialties Include: 

  • Traffic accident reconstruction and analysis
  • Fraud evaluations; staged accidents
  • Desktop analysis
  • Physical evidence evaluation and interpretation
  • Restraint system analysis
  • Pedestrian cases
  • Motorcycle cases
  • Tractor-trailer cases
  • Police procedures at accident scenes
  • Slip and Fall analysis


Numbers Count!

Reconstructed 1000+ accidents of all types
Personally examined over 12,000 damaged vehicles for the purpose of determining and assessing speed and relative impact angles
Quantified over 10,000 skid numbers
Conducted over 5,000 motor vehicle accident investigations (of all types) as a law enforcement officer with the Miami Dade Police Department
Qualified as an Expert Witness before 100 judges in Circuit and Federal courts
Testified as an Expert Witness in over 200 trials and more than 700 depositions
Consulted with more than 400 attorneys throughout Florida